The world is your oyster, you are the pearl

Gorgeous pink gold statement earrings. The pearls are quite big but not too heavy . These Earrings are made to order, so you can pick the pearls you want to wear (size and color). Also available in silver.

925 sterling silver / 18k pink gold plated and freshwater pearls

Price: €80,-



Signature IJBCross & druzy opal earrings

Some things sparkle without the glitter – like these natural druzy opal stones. Wherever nature works there will be beauty! Paired with my signature IJBCross – simply stunning.

925 sterling silver / 18k gold plated

Price: € 100,-



One of a kind – chrysoprase and citrine earrings

The unique combination of these 2 colors are gonna make you look & feel like the queen of the night! 

Chrysoprase promotes joy, optimism and happiness. It helps to attract new love & abundance on all levels. Citrine is a gemstone of light and the most powerful stone for manifestation. It will help you to achieve your goals! 

925 sterling silver / 18k gold plated and nickel free.

Price: € 120,-



Gorgeous black onyx earrings:

Elegant combination of the signature IJBCross and black onyx.

Black Onyx is the stone of determination and strength. Grounding, protecting & balancing.

925 sterling silver / 18k rosé-gold plated and nickel free.

Price: € 90,-