Underwater love – mermaids….

Dancing in the deepest ocean – twisting in the sea….mysterious mermaids!

Riva-collection mermaid bracelets , 925 sterling silver – 18k pink gold plated.

Price: € 30,-



Keep calm – summer is on…

…with this gorgeous summer bracelet-set. Blue chalcedony, rainbow moonstone, moonstone & aquamarine pearls and a personalized baby-girl-birth bracelet (made to order)! 

Riva-collection rings in blue topaz and pink chalcedony.

All 925 sterling silver – 18k yellow gold plated.

Price : bracelets from €35,- to €55,- / rings €60,-




Bracelet „Dark Stella“ :

Delicate, elegant , black onyx bracelet. The very small cut onyx pearls shine beautifully in the light and will complete every outfit you are wearing.

„Dark Stella“ is also available in 925 sterling silver and yellow-gold plated. 

Price: €45,-



Bracelet „Stella“ :

If you love simple & lovely bracelets you are gonna love „“Stella“. It is a very delicate moonstone and rosé-gold bracelet and does not need any other bracelets to shine. 

„Stella“ is also available in 925 sterling silver and yellow-gold plated.

Price: €45,-

Also in this pic – IJBCross signature ring.

Available in 925 sterling silver, rosé-gold plated & yellow-gold plated.

Price: €40,-



The perfect match of 4:

Don´t you love this set?

„Pawsome“ – bracelet, 925 sterling silver – 18k roségold plated

Large Aquamarine – bracelet

Delicate mini-tourmaline & zirconia – chain bracelet , 925 sterling silver – 18k roségold plated

Signature IJBCross (large) – bracelet, 925 sterling siver -18k roségold plated

String color NUDE (12)